March 11, 2010

Louis and Buffy have the second brood

A week or so after Louis gave birth to his first brood, He and Buffy start doing the dance. Also in the mix was Lois. Each time Louis and Buffy started dancing, Lois would try to but in. Fifteen days later, Louis gave birth.

We are fairly certain that Buffy is the mother, but when Louis was giving birth Lois was right there with him. They had also began the morning dance a few days before birth.

The really interesting thing happened a couple of days after. Lois and Louis started the mating dance. This time we watch for about an hour of so and we saw the egg transfer. While this is only one case, but we can begin to dispel the belief that seahorse mate for life. It was clear that Lois had eggs and wanted to mate. She is a much bigger and older seahorse than Buffy. After what appeared to be a domination dance between Buffy and Lois, Buffy no longer pursued Louis.

Also interesting, Louis is orange and when Buffy would swim near him he would really turns bright orange, like UT orange. After the Lois and Buffy dominance dance, Louis no longer turns bright orange around Buffy, but does change when Lois is near. And the day of the Lois and Louis mating dance Lois would grab Louis by the neck with her tail and drag him across the tank. To the side where Buffy was not. So clearly we can confirm that a man seahorse does not where the pants in the relationship.